Kenyir Lake Attractions: 5 Cherish Moment at Kenyir Lake
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Kenyir Lake Attractions: 5 Cherish Moment at Kenyir Lake with the Exciting Activities


Written By: Nor Ekmal Binti Yusof

Kenyir Lake Attractions: Everyday people that live in urban areas will face traffic congestion, pollution and crowding that will make them become more stressed. Especially for workers that frequently use electronic devices in their day.

Due to those problems, quality of life will decline day by day. By being involved with recreational activities or nature activities can help people in increasing their way of life, like becoming more energetic and joyous.

Kenyir Lake Attractions: 5 Cherish Moment at Kenyir Lake with the Exciting Activities

A study by the University of Kansas has proved that people who spend more time with outdoor activities can increase their skill in problem-solving and become more creative.

Meanwhile, a study by Kuo and Coley (2016) found, people that live close to the nature area will become more healthy which is the risk of having a sickness lower than people that live in congested urban areas.

Kenyir Lake Attractions: A hydroelectric dam as a holiday destination? Why not?

One of the scenic view at Kenyir Lake
One of the scenic view at Kenyir Lake

Kenyir Lake is one of the largest man-made lakes in Southeast Asia that is located in the Hulu Terengganu, which is a part of the State National Park. At first it was constructed to supply the hydroelectric power then turn to the luxurious forest that became habitat for flora and fauna.

For instance, having beautiful exotic orchids, several species from rattan, mammals, bird species and many more attractive species. It is believed that 340 islands were spread around the lakes. The beautiful nature setting with the large area of 260,000 hectares makes the place become famous among the tourists and nature lovers.

Visitors who came to Kenyir lake for sure will be amazed by the rainforest view. Apart from sightseeing, there are a lot of interesting activities awaiting them and have been served which are suitable for all ages.

Water taxi one of the water transportation in Kenyir Lake
Water taxi one of the water transportation in Kenyir Lake

Visitors that have interest in going to the Kenyir Lake, can take bus, airplane or go by themselves with their car. Visitors that drive from Kuala Lumpur can take Karak highway and Jerangau Jabor highway that will reach at Ajil then Kuala Berang town.

Meanwhile, those that want to enjoy the coastal view can choose another road which is from Kemaman, Dungun, Kuala Terengganu and to Kuala Berang. Visitors that choose Tasik Kenyir Express (Bus) will arrive at the Pengkalan Gawi jetties, which is the main jetty at Kenyir Lake.

There are other busses services to Kuala Terengganu Bus Terminal. Then, if visitors want to cut their time, they can fly with Malaysia airline or Air Asia from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu (Sultan Mahmud Airport).

Soak in the freezing waterfalls!

A crystal clear water from Saok waterfall
A crystal clear water from Saok waterfall

By having the richness of flora and fauna, Kenyir Lake also offers activities that will make the visitor feel very close with nature, as they can feel the warm from the rainforest. Visitors can have their leisure time with their family and friends by picnic or just relax at the waterfall that flows with the crystal clear water.

By accompanied with the sound of water from the river and bird chirping in the forest, it can help in reducing the visitors’ stress. Of course! Visitors will have an extraordinary moment by enjoying the waterfall with their family and friends. Visitors can choose which waterfall that they are interet, such as Lasir waterfall or Saok waterfall that are famous among tourists. There are basic facilities provided at both waterfalls for visitors like toilets and gazebo.

Become a traditional doctor!

The entrance of Herb garden, visitor can take photo at the stairs
The entrance of Herb garden, visitor can take photo at the stairs

Travel while learning also a nice idea that visitors can include in their holiday. Herb garden is an appropriate setting that visitors can learn about the function of the herb plant for traditional medicine purposes. The explanation about each herb plant was provided by the interpretation centre that will help visitors to understand clearly.

Few visitors or tourists may not be familiar with the herb plant, so by visiting this herb garden can help them to gain more knowledge about herb plants. Among the herb plants that have been grown there are, Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat ali), Labisia pumila Benth (Kacip Fatimah), Ficus deltoidea (Mas Cotek), and many more.

Not forgetting, visitors also will get a golden chance at ‘Pondok Harmoni’ to try the original herb drinks that are full of nutrition which is good for human health. Other amenities at herb garden are their reflexology foot path that suits every age.

Having me time with ‘Fish Spa’!

Kelah Fish Spa
Kelah Fish Spa

If visitors come to Kenyir Lake, don’t forget to spend time visiting the Kelah Sanctuary to get the experience of having fun with the Kelah while feeding it. Visitors will enjoy about 1.85 kilometres of journey via rocky pathway and hanging bridge before arriving at the river that becomes the habitat for Kelah. As a protected species, the management makes a limitation of visitors that can enter the sanctuary, which are around 50 to 200 visitors per day.

Meanwhile the chance to play and feed Kelah just been provided for 30 minutes only to ensure the habitat stay safe for Kelah, cause Kelah living in a clean environment. To feed the Kelah, visitors should buy a pallet that has been provided, it is to ensure the high quality of Kelah. Then, to get these lucky chances of having ‘fish spa’ by Kelah species, visitors should come on Mac until October.

Explore the prehistoric era!

Toman Raft House, that setting for camping while enjoy various games
Toman Raft House, that setting for camping while enjoying various games

Back to the old times should be a fascinating thing during the holiday! Kenyir Lake not only provides magnificent landscapes but also serves historical places to their visitors. Due to the excavation activity in late 2009 by a group of archaeologists from National University of Malaysia (UKM), National Museums of Malaysia and Terengganu State Museum found that human skeleton (Bewah man) and artefacts from the prehistoric era.

So to have a thrilling adventure, let pay a visit at Bewah Cave or known as Gua Tahi Kelawar too, while walking around via the boardwalk. By exploring this cave, visitors can see with their eyes the formation of crystal rock, stalactites and stalagmites. However, don’t forget to bring torchlight together to enjoy the beauty of the scenery in the cave, as we know that inside it will get less sunlight.

Be an elephant friend!

Kenyir Elephant Conservation Village (KECV)
Kenyir Elephant Conservation Village (KECV)

Kenyir Lake not only serves a holiday in their lake and small island areas, but visitors can visit the Kenyir Elephant Conservation Village (KECV) that is located 4 kilometres from the Pengkalan Gawi jetty. These places were built in 2012, in order to protect the elephants and be taken care of by professional veterinarians and elephant keepers. The elephants are a local elephant that has lost their family. Visitors will have the experience to learn and explore more about elephants.

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It is by grabbing the chance to ride the elephant for 2 kilometres, then feeding and bathing the elephant too. They have provided a hanging bridge so that visitors can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the elephant habitat. The ticket admission for KECV is RM40 for Malaysian adult, RM 20 for children in age 7 to 12 years old, then RM5 for children in age 1 to 6 years old and free of charge for child below age 1 years old.

Kenyir Eco Resort, one of the famous floating resort
Kenyir Eco Resort, one of the famous floating resort

It might be a great idea if visitors stay for a night or a few nights at Kenyir Lake to enjoy these appealing vacations. Kenyir Lake offers various accommodations such as a floating resort, houseboat and camping at the raft house that will fit the visitor pocket.

These accommodations also provide good basic amenities for the visitor to ensure their comfort along with their vacation.


For instance, floating resorts provide a room, dormitory, prayer room, bbq equipment, television at hall and water taxi as their transportation to access other places. If any visitor is interested in doing any water activities, they can do water confidence and kayaking too that has been provided by the resorts. Having a night stay will give a different experience to the visitor, as they can feel the cozy air at night.

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