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Why you should visit Kenyir Lake?

Lake Kenyir is an artificial lake with an area of 38,000 hectares. Located in the Hulu Terengganu district bordering the State of Kelantan to the west and Pahang State to the south, Lake Kenyir is part of the Central Terengganu Development Authority Region.

Kenyir Lake stretches out the beauty of nature has a thousand secrets. In its ripple rippling and clear waves, swimming a small and enormous small and big fish and enjoying the peace of nature makes it a very attractive and enchanting tourist destination.

The Kenyir Lake privileges are not solely due to the clarity of the water on its chest, the winters of nature waving and the spectacular hills, but as it is also the gateway to the famous national parks around the world.

Kenyir Landscape

The development brought by the Terengganu State Government and the Federal Government through the Tourism Ministry as well as the Central Terengganu Development Authority itself has brought thousands of visitors to it.

Accommodation, infrastructure, recreation and leisure as well as prestigious events also bring about the atmosphere of Lake Kenyir. The completion of the Jenagor Dam completed in 1986 led to the existence of the Kenyir Lake which drowned some of its existing rivers, hills and highlands also drowned, but the overpants exceeding 138 meters high have emerged as islands adorning the waters of Lake Kenyir. As a result, there were 340 small and large islands.

Tropical Rainforest

Kenyir Lake Beauty

Lake Kenyir is famed for the greenery and tranquility of the world’s oldest tropical rainforest since the last 130 million years that it has become a habitat for thousands of species of animals and animals.

It is enclosed by the Permanent Forest Reserve on its northern side while in the south is Permanent Forest Reserve Hulu Terengganu leading to Taman Negara. With its warm, humid climate throughout the year, its tropical rainforests are so much more abundant with water sources through rivers flowing into the lake.

Natural change cannot be denied due to the evolution of the weather, climate and others that affect it. Likewise the caves in the very beautiful Lake Kenyir. For nature lovers, the caves in Lake Kenyir are the existence of a mysterious and mysterious natural painting. Bewah Caves and Taat Caves are two caves located on limestone hills. Its existence until now still leaves a mystery that has not been dismantled. Archaeologists and historians are still trying to unravel the secrets hidden in these caves.

Lasir Waterfall

Here have been found artefacts such as kitchen utensils, axes and carpentry tools dating from the Neolithic period estimated roughly 3000 BC. In addition to the relics of ancient goods, in the gap of sunlight, tourists, nature lovers and anyone can track the Cave of Taat and Bewah Caves to appreciate its beauty. For visitor convenience, Bewah Cave is equipped with a perfect staircase and solar system to illuminate the interior. Interested travelers may also spend the night on the campsite provided next to the Bewah Cave.

Orang Asli

Lake Kenyir also has a village of Senoi native of the Semoq Beri family of 20 families, located in the Berua River which is about 32 km from Pengkalan Gawi and 9 km from the Como River.


The Lasir Waterfall is the name of the crowded water deck plunging from about 500 feet and forms a pond on each floor. In addition, Saok Waterfall, Tembat Waterfall, Leban Terengganu Waterfall and Petuang Waterfall are some of the names that are synonymous with peace in Kenyir Lake.

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